We Run Digital is the brainchild of Joannah Hon, an Australian raised Hong Kong entrepreneur.

After starting her first eCommerce business at 18 and going on to sell it a few years later, she began a career in eCommerce; leading the growth in Asia for various software companies. She began We Run Digital in 2017 as a way to extend her eCommerce expertise to struggling retail businesses around Asia.  

Within a couple of years, We Run Digital – in partnership with agencies and freelancers from around the world – have helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale rapidly.

After observing that traffic alone was no longer enough to sustain a successful digital strategy, WRD transitioned into a full-service digital agency, providing everything from lead generation, to content creation, social media management, advertising and sales funnel builds.

Since then, we’ve become one of Asia’s most innovative full-service agencies. Supported by a global team of experts, we work as an extension of your own team to run targeted, measured campaigns that deliver true results. 

Connect with our team


Joannah Hon

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia. Joannah found a passion in eCommerce at an early age. She’s since transitioned her skills to digital advertising and started We Run Digital in 2017. She now spends her time between Hong Kong and Bali.


Hannah Chua

Hannah has extensive experience working for award-winning agencies and corporate technology companies. Bringing her experience to our agency, she’s responsible for all aspects of your projects. She currently resides in Manila, Philippines.


Ilman Nafian

Ilman leads our team in media buying. He brings to the team invaluable experience in buying media on all platforms. His sole responsibility is ensure your campaigns are profitable. Ilman spends his time between Indonesia and Taiwan.


Ardy Adlie

Ardy is responsible for bringing your concepts to life through graphics! His impeccable eye for design will make sure your ads stand out like a sore thumb amongst your competitors. Ardy resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Gabriella Harbin

Gabriella’s job is to make sure your customers know how great you really are. She makes sure you’re getting as much organic reach as possible through your social media accounts. Gabriella currently spends her time in Bali, Indonesia.


Ivanna Fetych

Ivanna pieces the technology you require together so everything flows seamlessly. She’s a wizard with applications and makes your life a hell lot easier with automations. Ivanna resides in the Ukraine. 


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