Pay for results, not for effort.

Work with a pay-per-performance agency. No complicated contracts, or hefty retainers. Only pay for high quality leads. 

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We generate leads for hungry sales teams.

Keep your sales pipeline full. Generate high quality leads on demand so your team can focus on closing sales.

No risk. No setup fees.

We build the sales funnels, landing pages and cover the cost of all advertising campaigns. We even cover the cost of the media spend. You just have to focus on closing sales.

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As a sales driven agency, we understand that without sales, your business doesn’t exist. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your website and in-house marketing campaigns and haven’t seen a positive return on investment, it’s time to revisit your strategy.

No matter your product or service, we can reach your customers. The channels we use to scale your growth includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter & TikTok. 

Pay per qualified lead. We agree on a fixed cost per qualified lead and we’ll deliver them to you on a weekly basis.

Generate more sales and maximise your advertising spend with a carefully designed sales funnel. 

Collectively, we have over 10 years experience in scaling over 45 eCommerce stores. We’ll help you drive traffic to your site, as well as optimize your conversion funnel, and track results. Work with us on a pay-per-performance basis.


Began in Hong Kong in 2017, now fully remote in 7 countries.

Our mission is simple – to generate 1 million leads for our clients by 2022. After running thousands of ads, creating thousands of pieces of content, and generating thousands of leads – we are confident in our methods, and truly believe that we have cracked the code to digital marketing that delivers.

We believe in making a difference. We firmly believe that anyone with a laptop and the right skills can change the world. Our profits as an agency are invested in charities who educate communities in third-world countries to learn digital skills and find careers working remotely to impact their own communities.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

If your company can manage 50 – 100 leads or more every week, we can help. We set up the sales funnels and lead nurturing systems. We pay for the media spend and we sell them to you at a set cost per lead.

It depends on your qualification requirements. However, a lead generally costs between $120 USD – $200 USD. 

We work with you to ensure the leads we send through to you tick all your boxes. We implement a variety of sales funnels, lead nurturing systems  to make sure your leads are as qualified as you require them to be. 

We deliver the leads directly into your CRM system so your sales team or call centre can answer to these leads immediately. 


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